Guess Who You Are Really Serving – Today’s Family Devotion

Guess Who You Are Really Serving

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bible Reading: Matthew 25:35-40

When you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!   Matthew 25:40

Take this quick true-false test to measure your helpfulness:

□ True □ False

I once sprained my arm at school from waving it so hard to volunteer to help my teacher.

□ True □ False

I excitedly leap out of bed each morning. The first thought to hit my head is this: Who needs my help today?

□ True □ False

I’m thrilled to give up the best seat on a long road trip.

□ True □ False

I clean my room without being asked. In fact, I clean the whole house just because I care.

Do those statements sound like anyone you know? Well, maybe not.

Talk about it: What do we do to help one another? Why do we do those things?

Most of us need a kick of motivation to support others. The apostle James must have run into some people like us, because he wrote: “Suppose you see a brother or sister who needs food or clothing, and you say, ‘Well, good-bye and God bless you; stay warm and eat well’—but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?” (James 2:15-16).

So how do you get excited about giving your helpful support to the people around you? Well, how would you feel if the friend who needed your support was Jesus himself? Imagine you just finished pitching in around the house or helping a friend solve a problem. Someone taps you on the shoulder. You turn around and see Jesus standing there. He says, “Hey—thanks for taking the time to pitch in. Your help means a lot to me.” Wouldn’t that make your mind explode?

According to Matthew 25:35-40, Jesus wants his followers to serve others. And whatever we do, it’s as if we’re actually doing it for him. It’s as if Jesus were saying, “I was behind on my homework, and you helped me catch up. My parents told me to clean out the garage, and you helped me get the job done. I had to help my grandparents move all day Saturday, and you came along to haul boxes.” Whenever you serve a friend, Jesus applauds that service as if it were done directly to him.

That’s an incredible thought! Let this run through your mind when you give your help to other people: “Whatever I do, I do for Jesus.”

TALK: Does it boost your desire to help others when you realize your actions are done for Jesus?

PRAY: God, when we have a hard time doing things for other people, help us picture ourselves doing these things for you.

ACT: What chore or other act of servanthood have you let slide to the bottom of your to-do list? Do it today!