Home is Where He Is – Today’s Family Devotion

Home is Where He Is

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bible Reading:  Psalm 46:1-3

Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!   Psalm 90:1

You can be sure you’re in deep trouble when your mom or dad hollers for you using your first, middle, and last names. But have you ever gotten any of these hints?

• Your cat’s food dish is on the dinner table—and your plate is on the floor.

• Your parents rent out your room to an exchange student from Mongolia—and you still have eight years before you leave for college.

• Your mom short—sheets your bed.

• You get brussels sprouts for dessert—and everyone else gets chocolate mousse.

• Your mom goes on tour as a stand-up comic—and her jokes are about you.

• Your dad is out in the backyard painting your name on the doghouse.

All of us have a need to belong. And despite the fact that once in a while we have a hard time getting along at home, the Lord meant for our needs to be met first in our family. His plan is that no matter how mean the world gets, we can always come home, kick off our shoes, and say, “I can be myself here.”

Unfortunately, lots of people don’t get that when they go home. And sooner or later all of us feel out-of-joint at home—and not just because we’re in trouble. Brothers and sisters can make each other feel unwanted. Sometimes even parents feel unappreciated and unwelcome at home. When we’re not getting along with our family, home can feel lonely—or worse.

It might be a surprise that Jesus knew how it felt when the welcome mat was missing at home. His brothers and sisters weren’t exactly excited about his ministry (see John 7:5). Besides that, he was homeless as he traveled throughout Israel for the last three years of his earthly life (see Matthew 8:20).

So where did Jesus get that important sense of belonging? Jesus leaned on the fact that he belonged to his Father. When he lived on earth, Jesus couldn’t see the Father any more than you can. But he knew his Father was with him, and that knowledge gave him a peace and security that kept him going. He knew the truth of Psalm 90:1: “Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!”

God, who is with us wherever we are, makes a home for us right where we are. It’s the kind of place he wants us to create for one another by making the home where we live a safe, relaxing, and friendly place.

TALK: How can we make our home a place that feels warm and welcoming for one another?

PRAY: God, help us to create a warm home for one another. And thank you that we can always feel at home with you.

ACT: Pick a family member and do something today to make your home a welcoming place for that person.