Who Will Be Your Everything? – Today’s Family Devotion

Who Will Be Your Everything?

Bible Reading: 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17

May our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, who loved us . . . comfort your hearts and give you strength in every good thing you do and say.   2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

It’s Saturday afternoon and the high sun of summer pounds down on the play lot across the street from Rachel’s house. Rachel can see two old friends playing. The big word there is “old.” As in “not anymore.” She would run over and try to play, but she’s sure Kaitlin and Jenni would leave her out once again.

A couple years ago all six girls who lived on the block were great friends. Then Shaniqua and Erin moved away. Natalie splits her time between two homes since her parents divorced. The other two girls love sports. Kaitlin is into gymnastics. Jenni plays soccer. They both make Rachel feel like a reject.

Rachel wonders if God would be mad at her if she begged him to hit the park with a storm cloud—or maybe even a lightning bolt. She sighs and shoots this thought toward God instead: Friends are such a hassle. Why bother?

The truth is that God has built into each one of us a need to have deep friendships. He puts people in our life as one way to meet that need. But answering that ache starts and ends with Jesus. He has everything we could ever want in a special friend.

Let’s get some basic facts straight.

Jesus wants a friendship with you. Jesus stands waiting and ready to have a tight, personal relationship with you.

Jesus thinks you’re amazing. Jesus thinks you’re one-of-a-kind special. You’re not ordinary, boring, or anywhere near average.

Jesus likes you. When you feel dumpy, Jesus cares. When your life is a thrill, he enjoys every minute with you. He shares your happiness and sadness.

Jesus invites you to open up to him. No one knows your most locked-tight thoughts and feelings the way Jesus does. He’s glad when you unlock what you hide from everyone else to share your most hidden thoughts with him.

Just like everyone else, you will have days when you stare out a window and wonder if you have any friends. That’s when you can pour out your heart to Jesus, sure that he’s listening and knows how to keep a secret. Let him in on your dreams and longings and believe that he understands what you mean. Jesus is the one friend who will always be there for you.

TALK: When you’re looking for friendship, where do you start? What can God do for you that human friends can’t?

PRAY: God, be our unfailing friend. You’re the most important person in our life.

ACT: There’s no better time than now to choose to make him the most special person in your life. Tell God you want to live closer to him!