Bible Reading:  Jeremiah 33:3

Ask me and I will tell you some remarkable secrets about what is going to happen here.   Jeremiah 33:3

Mac wished he could sit in class hooked up to a heart monitor. Then he could prove to his parents that if school was any duller, his pulse would stop—and he would die of boredom.

Doing something big was all that Mac dreamed about. Every afternoon he climbed up in his tree house to plot his course toward becoming an astronaut… or president… or ruler of Planet Earth.

Mac had a lot of ideas about his future. But he was missing out on the world’s hottest secret for living a cool life. All he needed to do was figure out God’s will for his life. Without God, he was missing the best way to plan his future—and to make life fun now.

God wants to show you his will—his perfect plan for you. But it’s easy to get stuck in several wrong attitudes. Get bogged down in any of these, and you won’t escape your confusion.

Wrong Attitude 1: God keeps his will a secret. Felipe thinks that finding God’s will is like hunting for Easter eggs. God hides his answers to our big questions—and if we can’t find them, too bad! But the Bible shows us that God doesn’t tease us. He’s glad to show his will to any who want to find it.

Wrong Attitude 2: God’s will won’t be any fun. Sarah figures God will make her grow up to marry an ugly guy or spend her life doing something she doesn’t want to do—like being a missionary in the jungle. But God has no interest in making us miserable. God wants to graciously give us all things that will fulfill our deepest desires.

Wrong Attitude 3: God’s will isn’t something I want. Joseph acts like a driver who steps on the gas and the brake at the same time. One moment he’s saying, “Lord, show me your will,” and the next moment, “I don’t want to do that part of your will.” Our job is to do the total will of God.

Those are mixed-up attitudes. But check out this great attitude:

I am willing to do God’s will whatever it is. God blesses us when we’re willing to obey him even before he shows us what he wants us to do. It’s the attitude expressed in Psalm 40:8: “I take joy in doing your will, my God, for your law is written on my heart.” God is eager to share his plans—if we are eager to obey!

TALK: How do you feel about your great God who wants to show you his great will?

PRAY: God, we want your will for our life. Show us your will so we can obey it.

ACT: Is there an area of your life where you want to understand God’s plans? Spend some time with a mature Christian, talking about God’s will for that part of your life.