Seeing Yourself with 20/20 Vision – Today’s Family Devotion

Seeing Yourself with 20/20 Vision


Bible Reading:  Ephesians 4:11-17

Instead, we will hold to the truth in love, becoming more and more in every way like Christ.   Ephesians 4:15

Deena spends her whole life figuring out what other people think of her. Before she goes to school each morning she calls to check her outfit with a few friends—so she can fit in without looking like a copycat. Before Deena says a word about anything, she listens to what everyone else in the room is saying—and then parrots their opinions. And when she wonders about her worth, she judges herself through the critical eyes of everyone in her life.

Deena knows in her head that God has the only opinion of her that really matters. Why? Because what God thinks is more than opinion. It’s fact.

Test your memory from last time: What two things does Deena need to do to grow in what God thinks about her?

If you remember God’s two-step plan, you know what Deena needs to do. But she’s not budging. Even though she wants God’s vision of herself, she doesn’t want to work at it. She doesn’t make time with her Bible to soak in God’s truth. Even though she goes to church, she’s nervous about letting people get too close. She sounds like someone with bad eyes who wants to see more clearly but won’t wear glasses.

The fact is, you can’t change how you see yourself without diving into God’s Word. This is what helps you focus on the truth that you are:

Lovable. God loves you just as you are and wants you for his child.

Valuable. God would have sent Jesus to die for you even if you were the only person on earth.

Useful. God trusts you to reach out and help others see who he is.

God’s Word is the number-one agent in renewing your mind to think like he thinks and see as he sees (see Romans 12:2). But if that’s what you’re supposed to learn from the Bible, how do you dig out that truth?

Grabbing hold of the facts God wants you to know beyond any doubt starts with opening his book. And it happens when you study the Bible with your self-portrait in mind. Whenever you sit down to read, ask God to help you see yourself as he does. As you study, quiz yourself about what the passage says about you. Chances are you will discover verses and phrases that seem just right for your situation. God will use his Word to help you be sure you are loved, valued, and useful!

TALK: How are you letting God’s encouraging Word into your life so you can get hold of God’s view of you?

PRAY: God, open our eyes to what you say about us in your Word.

ACT: Take some time alone with God to hear what he has to say about you.