An Inside Job – Today’s Family Devotion

An Inside Job

Bible Reading: John 14:19-21

When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.   John 14:20

Tara wakes up in a great mood and dresses quickly. She and the Griffith family are spending the day at Dizzyland, their favorite amusement park. Bounding down the stairs to the kitchen, she chirps, “Hi, Mom. Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

Mom turns and smiles. “Yes, it is, dear. I hope you have a wonderful time at the park. I’ll be at work all day, but I should be home by the time you return.” Tara gives Mom a hug, glad that she can always count on Mom to give her an encouraging word.

As Tara leaves her house, she runs into a police officer at the end of her drive­way. “Hi, Officer Nelson,” she says. “I’m going to Dizzyland today.”

The officer gives her a thumbs-up signal. He tells her he wishes he could go with her, but he’ll look forward to hearing about her day. Tara appreciates his interest and waves as he goes his way and she goes hers.

When Tara knocks on the front door at the Griffiths’ house, Kyle answers. He tells her that his parents will be ready in a couple of minutes. He looks excited. “Let’s go to the House of Monsters as soon as we get to Dizzyland,” he says.

Tara starts to shiver, but she nods. She knows monsters aren’t for real, so she doesn’t have to be afraid of them. She also knows that Jesus is her Lord and Savior. He lives inside her and is stronger than any fake monster. Nothing can harm her.

Jesus told his disciples that he would be in them—not just with them, not just beside them, but in them (see John 14:20). Paul confirmed it. He wrote, “Christ lives in you” (Colossians 1:27).

“Hey, time out,” you may say. “Yesterday you said it was the Holy Spirit living inside me—-Now you say it’s Christ. Who is really living within me: the Holy Spirit or Christ?”

If you are a Christian, Jesus Christ and his Holy Spirit both live inside you. The Bible explains that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ (see Romans 8:9). And the same Holy Spirit who lived inside Jesus lives in you to teach you, comfort you, and make you strong.

TALK: Who are some of your closest family members and friends? What do you think about the fact that God is even closer to you than they are, living inside you and never leaving you?

PRAY: God, thanks that you are always close and available to us.

ACT: Spend some time praising the God who loves you so much he wants to live inside you.