Rest in His Peace – Today’s Family Devotion

Rest in His Peace

Bible Reading: John 14:27-31

I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart.   John 14:27

It’s nighttime, only a few hours after Jesus was crucified and buried. The disciples are sitting around together, still in shock from the death of their beloved Master. The following conversation isn’t in the Bible, but something like it might have happened.

“I can’t believe we were just eating dinner with the Master,” Bartholomew says, shaking his head. “It seems like only yesterday.”

“That’s because it was yesterday, Bart,” Peter snorts.

“Oh yeah, I knew that,” Bartholomew snaps.

Thaddaeus scratches his head. “The Master told us so many things last night during dinner. I wish I had listened better. What do you guys remember from last night around the table?”

Bartholomew says, “Well, I thought the meat was a little dry and—”

“We’re not talking about what we ate for dinner, Bart,” Peter cuts in. “We’re talking about what the Master said during dinner.”

“Ah … I knew that.”

Thomas looks up. “What did the Master mean when he said he was going to send some kind of ‘Holy Spirit’? I don’t get it.”

Philip speaks next. “He said this Holy Spirit would lead us into all truth. I’d sure like to know the truth about everything that has happened lately.”

“The thing I remember most,” Matthew puts in, “is the Master saying this Holy Spirit is his Spirit, and that he’s going to be in us.”

“Hey, guys, what if it’s all true?” Simon wonders aloud. “What if the Master is really going to be inside us to show us what is true, teach us about the Father, and remind us of all the things he said to us? What could that mean to us?”

For several moments the men don’t breathe. Then one of them says what they are all thinking: “Wow. We would have total peace—Jesus’ peace.”

Peter brightens up. “Hey, the Master talked about peace last night too.”

“Right, he said he’s leaving his peace with us,” John remembers, “just like he is sending his Spirit to us.”

“He said his peace is a gift,” James interrupts, “just like the Spirit he is giving.”

“Maybe they’re connected,” Bartholomew tries. “Maybe the Master’s peace comes with the Master’s Spirit.”

“Bart, maybe you do have a brain,” Peter says with a smile.

TALK: Do you sense God’s peace as you consider the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in your life?

PRAY: God, thank you for the gift of your Spirit. Thank you for sending the Spirit to give us peace and teach us truth.

ACT: When you need wisdom or peace today, tell God that you are glad the Holy Spirit is at work inside you.