Truth is Unchanging – Today’s Family Devotion

Truth is Unchanging

Reading Time: 2 minutes
TRUTH DOESN’T CHANGE.Bible Reading of the Day: Read Isaiah 40:3-8.

Verse of the Day: “Make them pure and holy by teaching them your words of truth” (John 17:17).

“Hey, Mom, guess what we learned in school today?” Victor took off his raincoat and dropped it on the floor inside the back door.

Mom placed her hands on her hips and frowned playfully at her son. “Hang your coat up first, young man, and then you can tell me.”

Victor did what his mother said, then turned and ran into her open arms.

“Now,” Mom said, picking up Victor and holding him in her arms. “What did you learn in school today?”

“Did you know that people used to think the world was flat?” Victor said.

“Did they?” Mom said, dropping her mouth open in an expression of shock.

Victor nodded. “Yup!” he said.

“If it’s not flat,” Mom said, walking through the kitchen and dining room, and into the front room of the house, “what shape is it?”

“It’s round,” Victor said. “You know that.”

“You’re right,” Mom admitted. They sat down in a chair next to a freestanding globe in the corner of the front room. “But all those years that people thought the world was flat, was it flat or was it round?”

Victor thought for a moment before answering firmly, “Round.”

Mom nodded. “That’s right, Victor. You see, what people thought didn’t change what was true, did it?”

“No,” Victor answered.

“Hmm,” Mom said, nodding her head in thought. “So during all those years that people thought the world was flat, the truth didn’t change, did it?”

Victor shook his head.

“Let me ask you one more question, Victor, before you go outside to play.” Mom combed his hair with her fingers. “Some people say the Word of God isn’t true.” She paused. “What do you think about that?”

Victor pondered his mom’s question for a long minute before answering. “What they think doesn’t matter, does it, Mommy?” Victor answered.

“You’re right, Victor,” Mom said. “Because truth doesn’t change.” She stood, and set Victor’s feet on the floor. “But I want you to change-into your play clothes.”

“OK,” Victor said, as he ran up the stairs to change out of his school clothes.

TO DISCUSS: What are some of the things that change? What things never change?

TO PRAY: “God, remind us that truth is unchanging, because you are unchanging. Remind us that truth is unchanging, because your Word is unchanging. And help us live according to your truth, not according to human feelings and opinions.”