Take It Away, Jesus- Today’s Family Devotion

Take It Away, Jesus

Bible Reading:  1 Corinthians 1:21-25

Christ is the mighty power of God and the wonderful wisdom of God.   1 Corinthians 1:24

There once was an old scientist who traveled from university to university delivering lectures on his field of expertise. After long weeks of travel, the scientist and Bob, his chauffeur, became friends.

The scientist tired of giving the same lecture over and over. So one day—knowing his chauffeur had heard his lecture so many times he had it memorized—the scientist asked Bob to give the lecture for him.

Bob gave it a whirl, and the lecture went off perfectly. No one knew that the “scientist” talking to the audience was the chauffeur and that the “chauffeur” sitting in the front row was actually the scientist. There was even a question-and-answer time, but Bob had heard the scientist answer the same questions so many times that he answered them all perfectly.

Then someone asked a new question—a question Bob couldn’t answer on his own. “That’s a great question,” he said confidently, “but it has a simple answer. It’s so simple, in fact, that even my chauffeur can answer it.” Nodding toward the front row, he added, “Take it away, Bob.”

Bob was wise not because of what he knew, but because of whom he knew. He knew the answers because he had hung around the scientist. And as long as the scientist was close by, Bob had nothing to worry about.

As a Christian, you might not look too wise to the non-Christians around you. When people toss you tough questions about God, you might not always have the answers. But isn’t it encouraging to know that you have a close friend who does know all the answers? Not only that, but he is the answer. His name is Jesus Christ, and Paul calls him “the wonderful wisdom of God.”

Just as Bob the chauffeur spent a lot of time with the scientist and learned from him, so you need to make time to learn from Jesus. That means reading the Bible and listening to your parents, pastor, or Sunday school teachers when they talk about the Lord.

Even if you don’t always know how to answer the tough questions, you can know that Jesus is always with you. Just look his way and say, “Take it away, Jesus.”

TALK: Has someone ever asked you a question about Jesus you couldn’t answer? How does it help you to know that The Answer is always with you?

PRAY: Lord, help us learn to know you better so that we can answer the questions our friends ask. Thanks that you always know the answers.

ACT: What one question about your faith stumps you the most? Spend some time digging for the answer!