Getting the Word on Tough Choices – Today’s Family Devotion

Getting the Word on Tough Choices

Bible Reading: Psalm 119:97-104

Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for your commands are my constant guide.   Psalm 119:98

You’ve barely settled into your seat when your teacher drops a bomb: “Class, I need to record who completed last week’s reading assignment. I’m sending around a sheet of paper. Sign it, then put yes or no. I will grade you accordingly.”

Way to go, dog brain! you ding yourself. I should have finished reading the book on Friday instead of goofing off after school. I’m toast.

Panic sets in. The Fruitsie Hoopsies you sucked down for breakfast churn in your stomach. The sheet of paper is getting closer. Hey, I read more than half of those pages. I could write yes, you tell yourself. And I know how the story ends, so that’s like reading it all. Besides, I read more than most of the kids who signed yes.

The paper suddenly lands on your desk. You sign your name, then hesitate over the space where you must write either yes or no. What will it be?

Talk about it: What would you do if you were faced with that decision? How would you decide what to do?

We face choices like that every day. Sure, choosing between right and wrong is a no-brainer if the choice is between stealing a CD or saving up to buy one. But how can we make the call when the line between right and wrong looks fuzzy?

God’s commands are vital to getting the wisdom and guidance you need for puzzling decisions. And one way to put God’s Word to work in your tough choices is a process you can remember as the four Cs. Here’s how it works.

C-1: Consider the choice. Every decision is an opportunity to pick God’s will or your own way. What exactly is the choice you need to make?

C-2: Compare it to God. Are there any clear Bible commands that tell you what to do in this situation? Any principles? Does God’s character tell you anything about what you should do: What is God like? What would he do?

C-3: Commit to God’s way. Decide to do what God and his Word show you to do. No exceptions. No excuses. Make the commitment and stick to it.

C-4: Count on God’s protection and provision. God’s care doesn’t mean everything is going to be rosy. But living God’s way brings ample spiritual blessings, like freedom from guilt and God’s blessing on your life.

The next time you feel puzzled about right and wrong, remember the four Cs. And you can be clear on what God wants you to do!

TALK: What decisions about right and wrong have you faced lately? Do your choices stand up to the four-C test?

PRAY: God, thanks for the sure guidance of your Word.

ACT: Get together with a friend to talk about tough choices you face. And put your choices to the four-C test.