Fill ‘Er Up at the Soda Fountain – Today’s Family Devotion

Fill ‘Er Up at the Soda Fountain

Bible Reading: Ephesians 5:15-20

Let the Holy Spirit fill and control you.   Ephesians 5:18

The basics of tapping into the Holy Spirit’s power for your daily life aren’t all that different from filling a cup with soda at your favorite fast-food place. In case you aren’t clear on the technique, there are three crucial things to do: (1) make sure the cup is in the right spot; (2) check that the lid is off; and (3) once you push the button and the flow starts, be ready for some mighty fizz.

God designed you to be filled and led by the Holy Spirit. Just like you need to follow those three steps to top off your drink, you need three simple steps to get more of the Spirit into your life.

1. Get in the right spot by confessing your sin (see 1 John 1:9). The Holy Spirit can’t fill and lead you when you choose to live far from God. Whenever you realize that you’ve disobeyed God, admit that what you did was wrong. Give thanks that forgiveness is yours because Christ paid for your sin through his death on the cross.

2. Get the lid off by believing that God will fill you and lead you by his Spirit. What do you need to do to be filled with the Holy Spirit? First, give every area of your life to God (see Romans 12:1-2). Say, “God, it’s yours— my hobbies, sports, friends, school, desires, all of it.” Ask God to be your boss in each area. Then ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. The Holy Spirit is a free gift, yours for the asking. As you tell God you want to be filled, God promises to answer (see 1 John 5:14-15).

3. Keep the power bubbles a-fizzin’ by walking in the Spirit. Getting filled isn’t a one-shot deal. Just because you trust God to fill you with his Spirit doesn’t mean you’ll never blow it through lack of faith or disobedience. When you blow it, confess your sin on the spot and turn back to God.

Bonus: God gives free refills! Ask him again to fill you, and trust him to do it. Then boost your faith through prayer and studying God’s Word (see Romans 10:17). Yes, you have to be ready for spiritual conflict with the world, the flesh, and Satan. But if you respond to the conflict by relying on God’s Spirit working in you and through you, you will conquer. Get yourself in the right spot. Get the lid off. Then get set for God to fill you to overflowing!

TALK: Got those three steps down? Which step does God want you to take to let his Spirit fill your life?

PRAY: God, we want so much for your Spirit to fill us. Give us all we need to walk close to you through life.

ACT: Make a poster with those three Spirit-fill-me-up steps. Put it where you’ll see it!