God is the Author of Life – Today’s Family Devotion

God is the Author of Life


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Genesis 4:1-10.

Verse of the Day: “Do not murder” (Exodus 20:13).

“Daddy! Daddy!” Krystal burst into her dad’s workshop in the garage. “Have you seen Snowball?”

Dad lifted the goggles he wore to protect his eyes and looked at Krystal. Her expression was frantic. He set the goggles down on the table saw and shut it off. “She’s right here, Krystal,” he said, pointing to the cat curled up on the threadbare sofa behind him.

Crystal’s eyes opened wider. She dashed to the couch and scooped the furry white creature into her arms.

“What’s wrong?” Dad asked.

Krystal stroked the animal’s soft fur. “Shane told me that Mr. Greems is putting out poison because he doesn’t like people’s cats coming into his yard. I just had to find Snowball and make sure she was OK.”

Dad smiled and sat on the couch next to Krystal. He draped an arm around his daughter. “You really love Snowball, don’t you?” he said. Krystal nodded. “You’d hate to see anything happen to her, wouldn’t you?” Again Krystal nodded.

They sat in silence for a few moments. Finally, Dad took a deep breath. “You know, Krystal,” he said, “the way you feel about Snowball, and how you’d be so upset if anything happened to her, well, that’s only a fraction of the way God feels about all his creatures—people especially.”

The cat purred in Krystal’s lap as she listened to her father.

“It may be hard to imagine, but, as much as you love Snowball, our lives are even more precious to God—every one of us. And as much as you want to protect Snowball and preserve her life, God wants to protect and preserve all the people he’s created. That’s why he says we should never kill another human being-because that person’s life is precious to God.”

“Maybe we should have named her Precious instead of Snowball,” Krystal suggested.

Dad smiled. “She’s precious no matter what we call her,” he said.

TO DISCUSS: Why does God say, “Do not murder”? How does that commandment reveal God’s nature? Why is it important to understand that God values human life?

TO PRAY: “God, help us to respect life just as you respect it.”