Fair Play – Today’s Family Devotion

Fair Play


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Matthew 7:12.

Verse of the Day: “Do for others what you would like them to do for you” (Matthew 7:12).

“That’s not fair!” shouted Jason.

Jason and Kyle were playing Morph’s Revenge, a one-player video game. They had agreed to take turns every fifteen minutes until it was time to go.

“I can’t quit now,” Kyle explained without taking his eyes off the television screen. He weaved and bobbed with the motion on the screen as Morph, the video character, dodged fireballs and low-flying vultures.

“But it’s my turn!” Jason whined.

“But I’m gonna break my record,” Kyle said. “If I stop now, I’ll lose the whole game!”

“If you keep playing, I won’t get my turn,” Jason said.

“I have to make it to the next level,” Kyle said. “Then I can save it.”

“Mom!” Jason cried. He ran upstairs and found their mom. He explained the situation to her, ending with, “He’s not playing fair!”

Mom went downstairs. “Pause the game, Kyle,” she said. He pressed a button and the screen froze in place. “Kyle, I thought you two decided to take turns,” she said.

“We did, Mom,” he said. “But I didn’t know I was going to have such a good game. I’m about to get to a level I’ve never been to before.”

“But that’s not fair!” Jason shouted.

“Do you think it’s fair to change the rules just because you’re having a good game?” “But once I get there I can save it and let Jason play!”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Mom said. “Do you think it’s fair to change the rules on Jason?”

“No, ma’am,” Kyle answered.

“It sounds to me like you’re trying to decide what’s fair and what’s not fair on your own, aren’t you?” Mom asked. “But who decides what’s fair?” “You do,” Kyle answered.

Mom laughed. “No!” she answered quickly. “No, honey, I don’t decide-God does. He decides what’s right and what’s wrong. And God’s Word says to do for others only what you would want them to do for you. That’s how God defines what’s fair.”

“So that means I should let Jason play now, right?”

“What do you think?” Mom asked.

Kyle didn’t answer his mother. He simply handed the video controller to his brother. “Sorry, Jason,” he said.

TO DISCUSS: How can we show by our actions that we want to treat others fairly? Why is fairness important?

TO PRAY: Take turns completing the following prayer: “God, help me to do what you say is right and treat others fairly by_________________.”