The Pleasures of God – Today’s Family Devotion

The Pleasures of God


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Jeremiah 32:38-41.

Verse of the Day: “I will rejoice in doing good to them” (Jeremiah 32:41).

Willie ran to the pet store window and pressed his face against the glass. He wasn’t tall enough to reach over the glass divider and pet one of the puppies, but he watched them with fascination.

An older boy walked up beside him and nudged him in the back. “Watch this,” he said, with a mischievous grin. He pulled a long string of red licorice from his bag and dangled it over the glass. The puppies leaped for the red string, but the boy never let them catch it.

When the boy left, Willie’s dad crouched beside his son. They watched the puppies together for a few minutes.

Finally, Dad spoke. “That boy wasn’t very nice, was he?” Willie shook his head. “He was mean.”

Dad glanced at Willie, then looked at the puppies. “You know, Willie … a lot of people think that God is like that boy.”

Willie’s head whipped around to look at his dad. His eyes registered shock.

“It’s true,” Dad said, nodding reassuringly. “Some people think God treats us like that boy treated those puppies. They think he just gives us his commands to tease us and make us miserable. They think he just wants to keep us from having fun.”

Willie’s eyes remained wide. “But he’s not that way, is he, Daddy?”

“No, Willie, he’s not,” Dad answered. “Not at all. In fact, you know what makes God happy? You know what he thinks is fun?”

Willie shook his head. He had never thought of God having fun before.

Dad placed his hand atop Willie’s head. “Seeing us have fun,” he said. “God says in the Bible, ‘I rejoice in doing good to people.’” He paused and pointed at the puppies in the glass bin. “It would really make you happy to be allowed to pet one of those puppies right now, and cuddle it, and play with it, right?”

Willie nodded.

“In a way, that’s how God feels. He never wants to hurt us or tease us. He always wants to show love to us. That’s why he created us. That’s why he gave his commands to us. That’s why he sent Jesus for us.”

“Daddy,” Willie said, in a voice so solemn it was almost a whisper. “Can I pet one?”

Dad smiled. He reached into the bin, lifted out a squirming, panting pup, and plopped it into Willie’s arms.

TO DO: Be a “secret saint” to someone in your family today. Buy him or her a treat and put it on his or her pillow. Attach a note with Jeremiah 32:41 written on it. Or make up a coupon promising your help in some way.

TO PRAY: “Gracious God, you allow us to have fun in so many ways. Thank you for reminding us that you seek to bring only good things to our lives.”