Man’s Best Friend – Today’s Family Devotion

Man’s Best Friend


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Hebrews 3:1-6.

Verse of the Day: “Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing” (3 John 5, NIV).

Penny jumped and whirled around as she heard the yelp of her little dog, Buster.

“Oh,” she cried, “I’m so sorry, Buster!” She had unknowingly stepped on the schnauzer’s tail, and he had cried out in pain. She knelt down and scooped Buster into her arms just as her mother entered the room.

“What happened?” Mom asked.

Penny explained what she had done and kissed Buster on the top of the head. His tail whacked against her side as he wagged his tail in forgiveness. “I think he forgives you,” Mom said.

“Yes,” Penny said, rubbing her hand over Buster’s head. “He’s a good dog.”

“Man’s best friend,” Mom said as she patted the dog on the head.

“What?” Penny asked.

“Oh, you’ve never heard that expression?” Mom’s eyebrows registered her surprise. “Dogs are called ‘man’s best friend,’” she explained.

“Why?” Penny asked.

“Well,” Mom said, hesitating, “I don’t know. I suppose it’s because they’re so . . . so faithful.”

Penny tilted her head as if she still didn’t understand.

“Take Buster, for example,” Mom said. “Even though you stepped on his tail and hurt him, he’s ready to forgive you immediately. He just wants to be your friend. And he’s always your friend, no matter what happens.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, “he is, isn’t he?”

“That’s faithfulness. And faithfulness is a good thing to have.”

“That’s why he’s ‘man’s best friend,’ isn’t it? He’s my best friend too,” Penny said, scruffing the fur on Buster’s head. The dog wagged his appreciation.

Mom nodded. “You see, people naturally value faithfulness, even in dogs, because faithfulness is a good thing.”

“It’s too bad people aren’t as faithful as Buster,” Penny said.

Mom smiled. She reached over and patted her daughter on the back. “Some are,” she answered.

TO DISCUSS: What is faithfulness? Can you name any people who display faithful­ness to God? to others? to you?

TO PRAY: “Holy God, you’re the only one who is always faithful to us. We value faithfulness because you are faithful.”