Don’t Brag – Today’s Family Devotion

Don’t Brag


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Proverbs 27:1-2.

Verse of the Day: “Don’t praise yourself; let others do it!” (Proverbs 27:2).

“I’m better than you are! I’m better than you are!” Adrian taunted his little brother, Alex. He hurriedly tucked in his shirt. All that remained was for him to put on his socks and shoes. Then he would fulfill his promise of beating Alex in a race to see who could get dressed the fastest in the morning.

Alex’s lower lip stuck out, but he didn’t cry. He got his pants on, but his T-shirt got snagged while he was trying to pull it over his head. He wrestled with it, and finally got it over his ears, but Adrian was already pulling his last sock on.

“Just my shoes now. I’m gonna beat you! I’m gonna beat you!” Adrian sang.

Alex was sorry he’d ever agreed to race his brother.

Adrian crouched on the floor and swept an arm under his bed. He found one shoe but couldn’t locate its mate. “Where’s my other shoe?” he asked. Alex pulled his socks on.

“Where’s my other shoe?” Adrian asked, looking around frantically. Alex had one shoe on.

Adrian heard the soft scritch sound of the Velcro fasteners on his brother’s shoe. “I can’t find my shoe!” he shouted. “It’s not fair!”

Alex pulled on his second shoe, folded the fastener over tightly, and stood. “Done!” he said victoriously. “I win!”

“No fair!” Adrian said.

“You shouldn’t have bragged so soon about winning,” Alex said.

An idea suddenly occurred to Adrian. “You probably hid my other shoe, didn’t you?” He stomped toward his little brother.

Alex opened the door of the bedroom they shared and held onto the doorknob. He turned back to face Adrian. “I never touched your shoe,” he said. “It’s still in the closet from when you threw it at me last night!”

Alex ducked through the doorway. Adrian turned and threw a glance at Alex’s closet on the other side of the room. His shoe lay in plain sight atop a stack of Alex’s toys.

TO DISCUSS: Why do you think Adrian bragged about being better than his little brother? Do you ever brag? If so, why do you brag? If not, why not? Do you think bragging is good? Why or why not? Why is it better to let others praise you?

TO PRAY: “Lord, we’re sometimes tempted to toot our own horns. Help us to be humble.”