Like a Shield – Today’s Family Devotion

Like a Shield


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 33:13-22.

Verse of the Day: “We depend on the Lord alone to save us. Only he can help us, protecting us like a shield” (Psalm 33:20).

“Aw, Mom, do I have to?” Alan whined as his mom fastened his bicycle helmet under his chin.

“Yes,” Mom said. “I’m afraid you have to.” “But why?” Alan protested.

“Now, Alan, you know better than to ask me that question,” she answered. She straightened to her full height and placed her hands on her hips. “Why don’t you tell me—why do I make you wear a helmet when you ride your bike?”

“Because it’ll protect me if I fall,” Alan answered in a singsong tone.

“So, do I make you wear a bike helmet because I hate you and want to make you miserable?”

“No,” Alan answered in his singsong voice. “You do it because you love me and want to protect me.”

“Very good, Class,” Mom said with a laugh, in her best teacher’s voice.

“But none of the other kids have to wear a helmet,” he said. “I feel like a dork.”

“Well, you’re not a dork,” Mom said. She smiled lovingly at him.

“Can I go now?” Alan asked, looking embarrassed by his mom’s attention, even though no one else was around.

“You can go now,” she said, gripping him by the shoulders and turning him to face the door. “Just remember one thing,” she added.

“I know,” Alan interrupted. “You love me.”

“Well, yes, but I want you to remember one other thing.”

Alan turned and faced his mom, impatience written on his face.

“Your helmet doesn’t do you any good,” she said, tapping her index finger on the top of his head, “unless you keep your head inside of it. OK?”

Alan rolled his eyes. “OK, Mom,” he said. “I’ll keep it on.”

TO DISCUSS: Why did Alan have to wear a helmet when he rode his bike? In what ways are God’s commandments like Alan’s bicycle helmet?

TO PRAY: Turn the “Verse of the Day” into a prayer: “Lord, we depend on you alone to save us. Only you can help us, protecting us like a shield.”