Respect for Elders – Today’s Family Devotion

Respect for Elders


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Leviticus 19:32; Proverbs 20:29.

Verse of the Day: “Show your fear of God by standing up in the presence of elderly people and showing respect for the aged. I am the Lord” (Leviticus 19:32).

Jess and Katherine had never been to such a big family reunion before. They had driven several hours in the car to get there. When they arrived, they couldn’t believe how many people were gathered in the park’s clubhouse—and everyone was related to them!

Jess and Katherine spent the afternoon playing lawn darts, volleyball, badminton, and kickball with the other kids, while the adults sat around the picnic tables in the park, talking and eating.

Jess grew tired toward the end of the afternoon and decided to take a break. He sat beside his parents in what seemed to be the only empty seat in the whole building. Several of his cousins were already seated, eating pie and cake.

A few moments later, Jess watched his grandmother hobble into the clubhouse. She walked between the rows of picnic tables, looking from side to side.

“Here, Grandma!” Jess yelled. He leaped up from his seat beside his mom and darted to Grandma’s side. “You can sit in my seat.” He took Grandma by the hand and led her to the spot he had just vacated. For the next few minutes, Jess stood by the table, listening to the conversation. Then he noticed his grandmother looking at the food table. He leaned his mouth close to her ear.

“Can I get you something to eat, Grandma?” he asked.

Grandma smiled sweetly. “Thank you, dear,” she said. “I would like a tiny piece of that apple pie I smell.”

Jess leaped into action. He scooped a large piece onto a plate—Grandma liked “tiny” pieces that took up a lot of space on a plate—and carried it to her. A few moments later, Jess returned to the field beside the clubhouse and joined a game of “freeze tag” that was just getting started.

On the way home that evening, Dad spoke to Jess.

“Son, I was proud of you today.”

“Why?” Jess asked.

“Because of the way you treated Grandma,” Dad answered. “You gave her your seat. You helped her to get some food. You treated her with respect. I’m proud of you for that.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Jess said. He smiled. It felt good to hear his dad say that he was proud of him.

TO DISCUSS: God commands us to show respect to our elders, especially to the elderly. Since respect is a godly value, how can you show respect for people who are older than you?

TO PRAY: “We value respect, Lord, because you value respect. Open our eyes to the people around us who are deserving of our respect.”