Anchored to God’s Word – Today’s Family Devotion

Anchored to God’s Word


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 119:57-64.

Verse of the Day: “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11).

Grandpa and Nolan scanned the harbor, which was filled with boats and ships of all sizes. The wind gusted through their hair, and the waves slapped and splashed at the posts of the dock on which they stood.

“What’s that boat called, Grandpa?” Nolan asked.

“That’s a cargo ship,” Grandpa said. “And the one right behind it is an oil tanker.”

“Look at that one go!” Nolan shouted. A speedboat, bumped and buffeted by the waves, sliced through the water. They watched the activity at the harbor in silence for a few more moments. Then Nolan noticed a single boat, sitting alone atop the water, well out from the docks. “What kind of boat is that, Grandpa?” he asked, pointing.

Grandpa peered out in the harbor. “That’s a yacht. It’s a big pleasure boat.”

“What’s it doing out there?”

“Well,” Grandpa said, “She may just be waiting for the water to calm down.”

Nolan stared at the yacht. “Won’t the wind blow it around?” he asked.

Grandpa shook his head. “No,” he said, “because her anchor holds her in place.” He pointed to a huge anchor hanging from one of the carrier ships docked nearby. “See that anchor at the front of that ship?” he said to Nolan. “Well, that yacht out there has an anchor too. She’s dropped anchor and is just going to sit there, moving up and down with the water but not going anywhere.”

“Oh,” Nolan said, without taking his eyes off the yacht. “That’s pretty neat.”

“Yes, it is,” Grandpa said. He turned and watched Nolan’s face for a few moments. “Come to think of it, Nolan,” he said, “you have an anchor too.”

“I do?” Nolan tuned his eyes on his grandfather.

“Yup,” Grandpa said. He inhaled the salty sea air. “Sometimes, you’re going to be like that boat out there. Storms are going to come into your life. Problems are going to toss you back and forth. Other people are going to tempt you to sin. At times, it’s going to seem hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong.” Grandpa fastened his eyes on Nolan. “But if you put your anchor down into God’s Word-if you’ve read and learned what God says about right and wrong-that will help you wait out the storms, and help you know-and choose-what’s right.”

“That’s why you read the Bible so much, isn’t it, Grandpa?” Nolan asked.

Grandpa nodded.

“I want to read the Bible too,” Nolan said. “Just like you.”

TO DISCUSS: How can we be “anchored” in God’s Word? How does that help us know and choose right?

TO PRAY: Pray today’s Bible reading responsively, each person praying a verse or a sentence, putting the thoughts of the psalmist into your own words if you wish.