Faithful Forever – Today’s Family Devotion

Faithful Forever


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 146:1-6.

Verse of the Day: “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged” (Deuteronomy 31:8, NIV).

“I don’t understand her,” Margaret said as she hung up the phone.

“Who?” Mom asked. She stood at the kitchen counter cutting up vegetables.

“Oh,” Margaret said, “Stacy, a girl from school who used to be my friend.”

“I remember Stacy,” Mom said. “She’s the girl who has the trampoline in her backyard. What do you mean she ‘used to be’ your friend?”

“I’ve tried to be her friend,” Margaret answered, “but it’s like Stacy changes friends more than I change my socks! She used to be ‘best friends’ with Heather Albright but now they don’t get along at all. Then she started hanging around with Janet, but she can’t stand Janet anymore. Now she says she can’t be my friend.”

“Why not?”

Margaret rolled her eyes. “Because I’m friends with Janet!” “I see,” Mom said.

Margaret looked at her mom. “Well, I sure don’t! I don’t understand. How can a person be your friend one day and then not your friend the next day?”

“I’m glad you don’t understand,” Mom said.

“You are?” Margaret’s face was a mask of confusion. “Why?”

Mom set her knife down and leaned on the counter with both hands. “The reason you don’t understand Stacy’s behavior is because you are a faithful friend, Margaret. Because you’re faithful, you value faithfulness in others. That’s why you don’t under­stand the behavior of people who aren’t faithful like you are.”

Margaret nodded thoughtfully, and Mom continued.

“And when you’re faithful, Margaret, you’re like God. He is the most faithful friend you’ll ever find. Even if all your earthly friends desert you, God will still love you and be your friend, no matter what.”

“That’s the kind of friend I want to be,” Margaret said.

Mother and daughter fell silent for a few moments until Margaret asked, “So why is Stacy the way she is?”

“I don’t know,” Mom said. “But I do know one thing.” “What’s that?”

“I’m sure glad you are the way you are!”

TO DISCUSS: Do you have any friends like Margaret? Who is the most faithful friend you have? Do you have any friends more faithful than God? Do you think God will ever stop being your friend? Why does God command faithfulness? Why does God value faithfulness? Why is it right for you to be faithful?

TO PRAY: “Lord, thank you for your faithfulness. Teach us how to be faithful friends like you.”