Virtues and Values – Today’s Family Devotion

Virtues and Values


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Isaiah 64:4-5.

Verse of the Day: “You welcome those who cheerfully do good, who follow godly ways” (Isaiah 64:5).

Dad and Mandy sat together on the couch.

“I can’t believe I get to watch television for homework!” Mandy said. She had been assigned to watch a television documentary and write a report on it. Her dad had suggested that they watch the show together, since it was on a music video channel that Mandy wasn’t normally allowed to watch.

The show— Virtues and Values— featured short video clips of ordinary people and famous stars talking about their “values.”

One man, whose nose ring was connected to his earring by a silver chain, said, “We all need to find our own values, you know? That’s part of the fun of becoming!”

A woman dressed in a business suit said, “There’s really no right or wrong anymore. Might makes right. Whoever wins the war writes the history books.”

An older woman peered thoughtfully into the camera and said, “I’ve always taught my children that the major task of growing up is to form your own value system. … I never wanted to impose my ideas of right and wrong on them.”

After the show ended. Dad clicked the remote to turn off the television.

“What are you thinking?” Dad asked.

“I don’t know,” Mandy answered. Her spiral notebook lay open on her lap.

“Did you agree with any of the things those people said?”

“I don’t know,” Mandy said. “Some of them sounded pretty smart.”

Dad nodded. “Did you disagree with anything they said?”

Mandy nodded. “Yeah. I mean, none of them talked about God at all. It’s like they’re all talking about values and right and wrong and stuff, but they’re acting like all that matters is what they think. They’re acting like God never said ‘do this,’ and, ‘don’t do that.’ It’s like they never heard of the Ten Commandments!”

“Or they’re trying to ignore what God has said,” Dad suggested.

“Yeah,” Mandy answered. “So basically, it’s like, either they’re wrong-or God is!”

Dad smiled. “So who are you going to believe?”

Mandy reacted as if she were surprised by the question. “Well, duh,” she said. “I’m obviously going to listen to God.”

“Good,” Dad said. “Why don’t you write that in your report?” Mandy picked up her pen and started writing notes. “I think I will!” she answered.

TO DISCUSS: Some people believe there is no such thing as right or wrong; other people think it’s up to them to decide what’s right or wrong. What do you think? Do you think individuals can decide what’s right or wrong? If not, who does decide that? If you were writing Mandy’s report, what would you write?

TO PRAY: “Lord, we believe that you set the standard for right and wrong. We choose to obey your commands.”