New Specs – Today’s Family Devotion

New Specs


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 119:129-133.

Verse of the Day: “Guide my steps by your word, so I will not be over­come by any evil” (Psalm 119:133).

“What’s that you’re reading?” the doctor asked as he entered the examination room and saw Trisha with a book opened on her lap.

Trisha blushed slightly. “It’s, uh, the Bible.”

“Oh?” the doctor said, as he took a pair of eyeglasses out of a plastic bag. “I didn’t know they made the Bible in paperback!” “Oh, yeah,” Trisha answered.

“Why do you read it?” the doctor asked. Then, before Trisha could answer, he continued. “I mean, with all the different kinds of books out there, I would think an old, outdated book like that would be pretty boring.”

“Oh, no,” Trisha said. “It’s not like that at all. It really helps me . . . well, it’s like … I don’t know …” Trisha felt frustrated because she couldn’t express what she was thinking.

The doctor raised the new pair of glasses he had taken out of the bag. Trisha removed her old glasses, and he placed the new pair on her face, checking behind her ears to see how the new glasses fit.

“Wow!” Trisha said immediately. “What a difference!”

The doctor smiled. “You didn’t realize how much you were missing with your old pair of glasses, did you?”

“No,” Trisha said, turning her head around to take in everything around her. “Everything is so sharp and clear now.” Suddenly she had a thought. “Hey,” she said. “That’s why I read the Bible!”

The doctor didn’t say anything, but a question showed in his expression.

“Reading the Bible gives me a pair of glasses,” she said, “that I wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s like, when I read the Bible-and especially when I memorize verses-it helps me see more clearly. It helps me see what’s right, and what’s wrong, and it helps me find the power to choose the right thing too.”

“Reading the Bible really does that?” the doctor asked.

Trisha nodded vigorously. “You really ought to try it,” she told him.

He waved her old pair of glasses back and forth in his hand. “Maybe I’ll do that,” he said.

TO DISCUSS: Do you think reading the Bible can help you make right choices? If not, why not? If so, how? Can you give an example of a time when the Bible helped you make a right choice?

TO PRAY: “Lord Jesus, thank you for the Holy Spirit, who was sent to remind us of your Word. Help us to avoid being overcome by evil.”