Deceitful Ways – Today’s Family Devotion

Deceitful Ways


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 119:27-29.

Verse of the Day: “Keep me from deceitful ways” (Psalm 119:29, NIV).

Kristie showed Yolanda the new hair barrettes she’d bought at the mall. “I love these!” Yolanda said. “They’re so cool.”

“Why don’t you buy a set of your own when we go to the mall tonight?” Kristie suggested.

“How much do they cost?” Yolanda asked.

Yolanda’s face dropped when Kristie told her. “I don’t have enough,” she said.

Kristie’s face dropped too. “Maybe your parents would loan you the money.”

Yolanda shook her head. “They don’t let me borrow money,” she explained. “Something about teaching me not to go in debt for the things I want.”

The two girls exchanged mournful glances. After a few moments, Kristie’s face brightened. “I have an idea,” she said. “Why don’t you tell your parents you need money for school… for … for new art supplies, or something like that.”

“I can’t do that.” Yolanda answered.

“Let me finish,” Kristie said. “You could get the money from them for art supplies, and we could go to the mall tonight and buy your barrettes. Then—when do you get your allowance?”

“Friday,” Yolanda answered.

“OK,” Kristie announced, as if that settled everything, “Friday, you get your allowance from your parents, and then explain to them that you didn’t need the new art supplies after all. You give them your allowance, and everybody’s happy!”

“It doesn’t… it doesn’t seem right.”

“Look,” Kristie explained patiently, “it’s not going to hurt anybody. Your parents won’t lose any money, and you’ll be able to get the barrettes you want.” Yolanda’s face wrinkled. She was tempted to follow her friend’s advice. “All you have to do—” Kristie said, but Yolanda interrupted her. “All I have to do,” Yolanda interrupted, “is lie to my parents and borrow money from them without them knowing.”

“Yeah!” Kristie answered, then, “No! You wouldn’t be lying.” “If it’s not lying, what is it?” “This is no big deal.”

“Yes it is,” Yolanda said. “I just realized why it doesn’t seem right.” “Why?” Kristie asked. “Because it’s not!” Yolanda answered.

TO DO: Dishonesty is wrong, even when it’s “no big deal.” Count how many hair barrettes or decorative combs you see people wearing today to remind you to be honest like Yolanda (just be careful not to stare!).

TO PRAY: “Keep us honest when we are tempted, Lord.”