A Day at the Circus – Today’s Family Devotion

A Day at the Circus


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Numbers 10:29-32.

Verse of the Day: “Share with God’s people who are in need” (Romans 12:13, NIV).

Sarina stood in line with her father at the circus ticket window. She couldn’t wait to see the animals and clowns and performers.

As they waited, Sarina noticed that there was a large family ahead of them in line. She counted six children with their father. She watched them with interest for a few moments. She could tell by their clothes that they weren’t a wealthy family. Yet all seven were going to the circus.

For the first time, Sarina looked up at the ticket prices painted on a large wooden board near the ticket window. She tried to figure out how much seven tickets would cost, but there were different prices for different ages, and she finally gave up. She could tell, though, that the children were very happy to be going to the circus.

Soon the children’s father stepped to the ticket window. She saw him smile at his children as he passed his money to the cashier.

“How many tickets?” the teller said. The man told her. “I’m sorry, sir,” the teller said. “I’m going to need ten dollars more.”

Sarina watched as the expression on the man’s face turned from happiness to disappointment and embarrassment. He obviously didn’t have any more money.

Suddenly, however, Sarina saw her dad, who had been standing beside her the whole time, drop something on the ground. She looked down. It was a twenty-dollar bill. She started to bend to pick it up, but Dad put out a hand to stop her.

“Er, excuse me, sir,” Dad said. The man in front of him turned around. Dad stooped, picked up the bill, and held it out to the man. “Did you drop this?” he asked the man. “It was lying on the ground right behind you and your children.”

The man met Dad’s gaze. He looked at his children. They hadn’t seen what Sarina’s dad had done. He smiled knowingly and gratefully. “Thank you,” he said, taking the money from Dad’s grip. Then he stretched out his other hand and shook hands with Dad. “Thank you,” he repeated.

He smiled again, turned around, and handed the money to the cashier. Sarina gazed at her dad with new admiration. “That was really cool,” she said after the man and his children had left the ticket window.

Dad smiled. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to share the good things God has given to us.”

“It sure is!” Sarina said.

TO DISCUSS: In today’s Bible reading, why do you think Moses promised to share with Hobab? Name some of the good things God has done for you or given to you. How can you share them with others?

TO PRAY: “Lord, you have blessed us so much. Help us to be generous with others.”