Like Father, Like Son – Today’s Family Devotion

Like Father, Like Son

Bible Reading: John 14:8-9

Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father! John 14:9

Kids, answer this question: How would you feel if someone said to you, “You’re so much like your dad”?

That all depends on what your dad is like, right? If Dad has the looks of a movie star and the brains of a rocket scientist, you might want to be like him. But if he has wiry hairs sprouting from his ears-like most dads-there’s at least one way you probably hope you’re not like him!

How much are you like your dad? Have each child in your family check  any statements below that describe how you and Dad are alike. (If you want, you can compare yourself to someone else instead—your mother, older sibling, or other rela­tive.) Do you have . . .

  • The same eye and hair color?
  • The same body shape and/or goofy face?
  • The same musical and artistic talents – or lack of them?
  • The same desire to learn more about Jesus?
  • The same interests in TV, movies, and music?
  • The same food likes and dislikes?
  • The same sense of humor?

Here’s something really cool to think about: The more you resemble your dad, the better people will know what your dad is like, even if they never meet him.

If you asked Jesus if he was a lot like his Father, he would answer, “Absolutely!” Jesus not only is your way to get to his Father, he is also your way to know what God the Father is like. You can’t see God, but in the Bible you can see Christ, his Son. Jesus is “the visible image of the invisible God” (Colossians 1:15).

The more we know about what Jesus said and did while he was on earth, the more we know about God. When we hear about Christ’s kindness, for example, we know God is kind. Or when we read Christ’s truthful words, we know God is truth. We might not look or act or talk exactly like our dad, but Jesus perfectly shows us God. When we get to know the Son, we get to know the Father!

TALK: What great stuff do you see in Jesus that attracts you to God?

PRAY: God, you could have made it tough for us to get to know you. We’re grateful that Jesus shows us what you are like.

ACT: Pick one trait you know is true of God because you’ve seen it in Jesus— kindness, honesty, and so on—and practice that trait today.