Happy Re-Birthday to You! – Today’s Family Devotion

Happy Re-Birthday to You!

Bible Reading: Romans 8:1-4, 11

The power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you through Christ Jesus from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:2

Just minutes after the umbilical cord is cut, their eyes meet. The young husband and wife can’t believe that cradled in their arms and looking up at them is a tiny baby boy, their firstborn child. They have never seen anything so beautiful… so perfect … so wonderful. And they can’t remember ever being more happy.

For nine months this pair of new parents dreamed of their child’s birth. Now they stare at a scrunchy little thing and look forward to watching him grow up. As they tenderly bundle up the helpless ball of life, tears of joy stream down their cheeks. They expect nothing less than a bright future.

Then their little boy grows up and draws all over the living-room carpet with red permanent marker. And the parents are certain that their happy life has come to an end. Not really. The point isn’t that some lives turn out with unhappy endings, but that every life starts out with a happy beginning.

Few things in life are as awe-inspiring as becoming a mom or dad. But there is one moment that is even more joyful.

Hmmm … any guesses what that is?

It’s not the day you were finally potty-trained. It’s not the day you learned to ride a bike. It won’t even be the day you get your driver’s license.

There is no way to describe the happiness that happened on the day of our re­birth, the day we trusted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. (You can read John 3:1-21 for how Jesus describes the rebirth process.)

Just as loving parents eagerly await and welcome a new child, God eagerly awaited our rebirth. The Holy Spirit planted the seed of God’s love in our heart. He waited for the day we would believe in Christ. And then an incredible thing hap-pened-something we read about in today’s Bible passage. When we trusted Christ, God’s Spirit entered our lives to set us free from sin and to help us grow as God’s children.

The day we trusted Jesus brought gigantic joy to God and to the people who care about us. Yep, we all have birthdays, and they’re a great thing. But our re-birthdays are an even bigger deal. If you have one, celebrate! If you haven’t trusted Jesus as your Savior yet, talk to your mom and dad about what that means.

TALK: If earthly parents are excited when their children are born, how do you think God feels when one of his children accepts his salvation and is reborn?

PRAY: God, thank you for the Holy Spirits work in bringing us to Christ—and helping us grow up as Christians.

ACT: Make a plan as a family to celebrate your re-birthdays.