God’s Way or the Highway – Today’s Family Devotion

God’s Way or the Highway

Bible Reading: Matthew 7:13-14

The gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it. Matthew 7:14

Picture this: You’re on a long hike. You’ve heard that there’s an amazing view from a certain rock peak, so you decide to take the path that leads to the top. But the climb gets steeper and rockier. Soon you have to squeeze between narrow rock walls. After a while you begin to wonder if there’s an easier path.

Your map says there’s only one way up, but you’re sure that there must be a shortcut. You whip out your cell phone and holler for the park service. “There’s got to be another way to the top,” you whine.

Mr. Park Ranger responds right back. “Negative,” you hear. “Your map is cor­rect. There’s only one route up. Keep going. Just a little bit longer and you’ll be there.”

It’s hard to imagine a place on earth with only one way in. We figure we can crawl in from any angle, drop from a helicopter hanging in the sky, or blast a tunnel from below. But heaven is different. There really is only one way to God’s home. And that way is Jesus.

Lots of people nowadays, however, think there are many ways we can get to heaven. They argue that different religions—like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism-are all good paths to God. They claim that we all worship the same Big Being in the sky. Different faiths, they promise, are just different roads to the same destination.

Just because a lot of people believe an idea doesn’t make it true. People of all re­ligions don’t worship the same God. They aren’t just taking different routes to the same place.

Think about it: Through Jesus, God provided a one-of-a-kind path back to him­self. Jesus died on the cross so people can find forgiveness and enjoy eternity in heaven. The Bible is clear that no one comes to God except through Jesus (see John 14:6). Jesus is the only way we can be saved (see Acts 4:12).

Christians are the only ones with the truth that shows people how to worship the one true God and live for eternity in heaven. People need the news you have to share. That’s why you want to be part of telling your friends now the message that Christ is the only way to God!

TALK: Who—inside and outside of your family—needs to trust Jesus? What can you do to share the truth of salvation with them?

PRAY: Pray for opportunities to share Christ with the people you put on your list.

ACT: You might not be able to explain to a friend right away all that it means to be a Christian. But what are the most important things you want to say?