Someone to Watch Over Me – Today’s Family Devotion

Someone to Watch Over Me

Bible Reading: James 5:16-18

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may he healed. James 5:16

Five-year-old Kelli has just finished cleaning her room. She tugs at her mom’s leg, eager to get outside and play. “All done, Mommy,” she reports.

“If I come and look at it,” her mom asks, “what will I say?” Kelli looks down and twists her toe on the floor. Then she runs off to her room. A few minutes later she scampers back. “All done, Mommy.”

“Can I come look under the bed?” asks Mom. Kelli frowns. But she pulls out her stuffed animal friends and puts them on the shelf where they belong. As Kelli is finishing, her mom walks into the room. Guess what? Kelli’s room is spotless.

You might be three, thirteen, or thirty-nine and holding and still try to pull fast ones when it comes to doing what you’re told. And you might squirm when others try to figure out the truth.

“Accountability” is a six-syllable word for having someone kindly but persistently check up on you to see if you’re doing what you’re supposed to. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Accountability means your teachers — people who teach material and assign work — score your work to make sure you are learning. They either pat you on the back or make you do the work again until you understand it.
  • Accountability means people like coaches and piano teachers — people who teach specific skills — make you zoom through wind sprints and scales so you are sure to learn your lessons.
  • Accountability means parents — people who have the God-given job of raising you — check to see that you obey them because they want you to grow up to be an adult who pleases God and gets along with other people.

Dads and moms, by the way, don’t get off the accountability hook. They answer to bosses and pastors and other dads and moms.

Can you see how accountability keeps you on track? It’s one of the ways God protects you and provides for your good. And being accountable-without fussing, stomping, or screaming-is a major step of growth in your Christian life!

TALK: Who in your life holds you accountable? Are you working with—or against— that person?

PRAY: God, thanks for putting people in our life who help us be the best that we can be.

ACT: Do you have a tough time with accountability? Make a list of all the benefits. Then talk to God and ask him to soften your heart so you respond the right way to those who try to hold you accountable.