Are You or Aren’t You? – Today’s Family Devotion

Are You or Aren’t You?

Bible Reading:  Mark 14:66-72

“That man is definitely one of them!” Peter denied it again. Mark 14:69-70

Mick shows up at church for fun-the same way other kids join the volleyball team or the chess club.

Last summer Mick’s church took a busload of youth to fix up a house in a run­down part of his city. Mick heard that he might get to swing a sledgehammer to smash down walls and climb the roof to tear off shingles. So he signed up. But when the work got hot and hard, he snuck off to a gas station down at the end of the block to buy a soda.

The clerk eyed him. “I haven’t seen you in here before,” he remarked. “Are you with that church group cleaning up the old drug house?”

“Me?” Mick protested. “I’m not one of them. They look like a bunch of dorks.”

“Well, I was just about to say that I like what they’re doing,” the clerk said. “It’s good for the neighborhood.”

Talk about this: How do you react when other people figure out you’re a Christian?

Even the best followers of Jesus have struggled to speak up for their faith. Peter had boldly promised Jesus that he would never ditch him—no matter what (see Mark 14:29). But as Jesus faced his trial, Peter huddled near a fire outside. He hid his face in the shadows, hoping to see what was happening to Jesus without being spotted as his follower.

There in the darkness, three witnesses said they recognized Peter as a follower of Jesus. And three times Peter denied that he was a friend of Jesus: “I don’t know this man you’re talking about.” When a rooster crowed, Peter remembered how Jesus had predicted his denial earlier that night. Peter broke down and cried (verses 66-72).

We each make choices many times a day about being bold or bashful with our faith. A friend of yours needs a Christian friend to pray and give biblical advice. Do you say anything? Or some Christians at your school want you to join them in pray­ing around the flagpole. Do you let yourself be spotted as part of the group?

If you see yourself as someone who loves Jesus totally, don’t settle for being known as a Christian only when it’s easy. Ask Jesus to give you the power to step forward and speak wisely for him in every area of life. Step by step, word by word, God wants to give you the power to act and speak with holy boldness!

TALK: Name a situation where you would like to be bolder. How would you like to act and speak differently for Jesus?

PRAY: Lord, we face situations almost every day that tempt us to shrink from admitting we know you. Make us fearless and bold.

ACT: Have you ever felt an inner nudge to speak up for Jesus—but pushed it aside? Decide today to let God lead you through those nudges!