Eyewitness Account – Today’s Family Devotion

Eyewitness Account

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:5-9

He was seen by more than five hundred of his followers at one time. 1 Corinthians 15:6

Ezra P. Waffle walked into the local police station looking spooked. The eyeballs of the farmer from West Overshoe, Nebraska, were half out of his head, and his white hair stood on end. “One of them flyin’ saucers just landed in my cornfield again, Of­ficer,” Waffle reported.

The officer bit his lip to keep from laughing. He had been through this a few times before. “So what did it look like this time, Mr. Waffle?”

‘”Bout the size of my combine, with little Christmas lights inside.”

“The last time you said it looked like the USS Enterprise.”

“Yes sir, but that was last time,” Ezra clarified. “That was when Captain Picard got out and talked to me.”

“And did somebody talk to you this time, Mr. Waffle?”

“Sure did,” Ezra said. ‘”Bout six critters, looked kind of like the Muppets.”

“What did these Muppets from outer space want, Mr. Waffle?”

“They wanted some of my corn to take home. I said okay, and then Elmo and Os­car picked a couple of my stalks clean and—whoosh— they was gone.”

The officer leaned forward, looking serious. “Mr. Waffle, did anybody else see this flying saucer or the Muppet creatures? Your wife? Your kids?”

Ezra shook his head slowly. “By the time I got to the house to tell Bessie Lou, they was long gone into outer space…just like Captain Picard and the Enterprise.”

You gotta wonder why the flying saucers so many people claim to have seen never land in places like downtown New York City—where millions of people could spot them. It’s tough to believe in aliens when they show up to only one or two people at a time.

Jesus wasn’t so hard to spot after his resurrection. He didn’t just show up for a few folks-he appeared to hundreds in his resurrected body! His victory over the grave wasn’t intended to be a secret. He wanted his followers to see him alive. He wanted people to know that his resurrection was fact—not a crazy made-up story. He wanted to make it easy even for us today to believe that the Resurrection is real. Aren’t you glad Jesus didn’t hide out in a cornfield? He allowed many people to see him so we can know he really rose from the dead.

TALK: Why did God make his plan to save the world so easy to see?

PRAY: Thank you, Lord, for working out a plan to save us and for letting so many people see you. Open the eyes of our friends who still haven’t seen the truth.

ACT: Do you have a friend who thinks that the Resurrection is a crazy, made-up story? Share the real facts with him or her!