It’s a Matter of Life and Death — and Life! – Today’s Family Devotion

It’s a Matter of Life and Death — and Life!

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:21-23

All who are related to Christ. . . will be given new life. 1 Corinthians 15:22

Tex was a very wealthy and well-liked man in his town. When Tex died and his will was read, the family found Tex’s plans for his own funeral. More than anything else, he wanted to be buried in his prized possession: a gold-plated, diamond-studded Rolls Royce convertible worth over a million dollars. Tex’s family loved him dearly, so they followed his funeral plans exactly.

The big day came and the whole town turned out to view the show. The funeral procession through town to the cemetery included marching bands and Cadillacs full of important people. But the main attraction was the gleaming convertible. Just as he wanted, Tex was propped up in the backseat wearing his most expensive suit. His eyes were glued open and his mouth was pasted in a huge smile. As the chauffeur-driven car came into view, the crowds cheered and clapped wildly for Tex.

Meanwhile, down by the railroad tracks, a stranger hopped off a slow-moving freight train hoping to find something to eat in town. Attracted by the noise on Main Street, the man pushed through the crowd. Seeing the marching bands and carloads of important-looking people pass by, he whistled in amazement.

And when the gold Rolls Royce came into view, the stranger’s eyes grew wide. Seeing the grand passenger sitting in the expensive convertible and hearing the wild applause of the crowd, the stranger could contain his excitement no longer. Pointing to Tex, he exclaimed to those around him, “Now that’s what I call really living!”

Majorly clueless, wasn’t he? Tex had all the appearances of living well, but as he paraded along in the Rolls Royce, he could not have been more dead.

As Christians we are related to Jesus Christ, who conquered death. He has a new life planned for us that is way better than being propped up for a parade.

Physical death isn’t the end for us. The resurrection of Christ took care of that. When we trusted him, Christ’s resurrection power raised us to life spiritually-he promised us eternal life with him in heaven someday. But when Jesus comes back to earth, his resurrection power will raise us to life physically. Somehow he will find all of the parts that once made up each of us and will change our remains into a glorious body like his own (see Philippians 3:21). Just as surely as Christ came out of his grave alive, we will come out of the grave alive. It’s as certain as Easter.

TALK: What do you really expect to happen to you when you die? How does the resurrection of Jesus reassure you that your own resurrection will be real?

PRAY: Thanks, God, for wanting us to live with you after we die. Thanks for Jesus’ resurrection power that makes resurrection possible for each of us.

ACT: Tell a friend about this incredible truth!