The Love That You Need – Today’s Family Devotion

The Love That You Need

Bible Reading: Daniel 10:10-11, 19

Don’t be afraid…for you are deeply loved by God. Daniel 10:19

Dimitri had spent a little too much time doing BMX bike stunts-on his video-game machine, that is. He told his parents all about the awesome tricks he could land if he had a real BMX bike of his own. Dimitri pestered his parents to get him the bike now. When his parents replied that he would need to save up his allowance, do extra chores, and find ways to work for the neighbors, he handed them his Christmas list-in June. Over and over Dimitri repeated what he thought was the best argument of all: “I need that bike!”

Dimitri wants a bike, but it doesn’t count as a need. In fact, even our biggest hu­man needs—for food, air, and water-can’t compare to our gigantic need to love and be loved.

You might know in your head that you’re loved. After all, the Bible makes God’s love for you stunningly clear. And someone very near to you — a parent, a grandpar­ent, or a close friend—has probably said those magic little words, “I love you.”

But hearing about love isn’t enough. The big question is whether we feel loved. See, only when our understanding of love hits our brain and our heart do we feel we really belong.

We can be sure, for example, that God loves us. John 1:12 declares that when we receive Christ we become God’s children. But just knowing that fact inside and out doesn’t mean we’ve grasped the truth and experienced it. Have you ever thought about everything that God’s love means? Take a look at these truths too:

• The God who made the universe wants a close, family relationship with you. If you have trusted Christ, you are his child.

• God welcomes you into his arms as a dearly loved child simply because he wants you as his child.

• God knows all about your weaknesses, your lack of love — and your past, present, and future sins — and he still wants you as his child.

These facts sound too good to be true, but because God is God they are true! God wants to grip our heart and mind so we feel loved. He says, “You are deeply loved by [me]” (see Daniel 10:19). Take that verse and personalize it: “God loves me deeply. I don’t have to be afraid or insecure. I’m lovable.” Isn’t that incredible?

TALK: What did you learn about God’s love for you?

PRAY: Spend some time thanking God for what he has shown about himself to you.

ACT: Share these truths with a friend who isn’t sure about God’s love.