Do the Math – Today’s Family Devotion

Do the Math

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others.   2 Timothy 2:2

The task of telling the world about Jesus sounds, um, sort of big, doesn’t it? It’s enormous enough to make many Christians think, I’d love to help tell the world about Jesus. It would be really great to make disciples of all the nations. But how much can I really do? After all, I’m only one person.

Well, you are only one person. That much is true.

But the following tidbit might help you see the enormous difference one person can make. Consider this job offer. You’ll get paid once a week. The first week’s pay is only a penny, but your employer will double your salary every week as long as you continue working. It doesn’t sound very profitable, does it? But you’d be a fool to pass it up. In just over six months, you’ll be a millionaire. After only a year, your salary will have reached $22.5 trillion!

How can this be? The process starts with one tiny penny, but that single cent results in a fortune. It works because of the principle of multiplication.

That principle works just as well in the kingdom of God. God, of course, isn’t handing out job contracts that will make us zillionaires. But he has an even better offer. God gives us the opportunity to partner with him in reaching the world with his Good News. And he’s planning on using the strategy of spiritual multiplication.

Here’s how it works: Suppose you and four friends—five of you—each share your faith with three people. Then God works in the hearts of those fifteen people so that they accept him. During the next year, you train the fifteen to share their faith with others. In the second year, the five of you and your fifteen trusted friends each lead three others to Christ.

Here’s where the math goes ballistic. Suppose you and the people you train keep up that practice year after year. In ten years, more than half a million will have been brought to Christ. And in fifteen years you could reach the whole world!

That’s what Paul meant when he told Timothy to teach the truths of the gospel to “trustworthy people.” He aims for us to share Jesus with people—and then help them grow to the point that they too can share Jesus with others. Just like a single penny can result in millions of dollars, God’s spiritual multiplication can create a worldwide awakening to the truth of Jesus Christ. So why not let it start with you?

TALK: Think of someone who needs to know about Jesus. Is sharing what you know about him something you can do?

PRAY: Lord, help us to show your love to someone today.

ACT: Look for opportunities to talk with your friends about the differences Jesus has made in your life and how they can know Jesus too.