Find Friends to Help – Today’s Family Devotion

Find Friends to Help

Bible Reading: 2 Timothy 2:20-22

Run away from the evil young people like to do.   2 Timothy 2:22, NCV

You and your friends notice the new boy at your church’s weeknight meeting for kids. But no one exactly rushes up to say hi. Actually, you stand in your circle ignoring him from across the room. You feel a twinge of conscience telling you to go talk to the boy, but you easily shake it off.

Which of the following thoughts might keep you from being friendly?

He can fend for himself. I had to when I came here.

□ I’m a girl. The boys should talk to him.

□ I’m a boy. The girls should talk to him.

□ He looks like a dork.

□ Someone else must have invited him. Not my worry.

Face it: A couple of those excuses are iffy. Most are downright icky.

There’s a good chance that after this episode of unfriendliness you’ll feel more twinges—guilt, this time. On the way home you might feel bad for a while that the new boy couldn’t bust into your circle. Maybe he was a fellow believer who really needed a friend that evening. Or maybe he was a kid who doesn’t know Jesus—and now he’s been blown off by Christians.

What you needed was a nudge to do the right thing at just the right moment. Now it’s too late.

Talk about it: How could a friend determined to do the right thing have helped you in that situation?

The Bible tells you all about the kind of friends who could help. You can call these “2 Timothy 2:22 friends.” The friends identified at the end of this verse help you ditch evil (run from it) and chase good (pursue and keep on pursuing friends who reflect God’s good character). Wouldn’t choosing good be a lot more fun with friends around to help you?

If you’re looking for help to live like a Christian, then 2 Timothy 2:22 friends are the people you can count on to nudge you in the right direction. They’ll help you show the attitudes and actions God says are best. Choices are still yours alone to make, but right friends can help you make right choices!

TALK: How could 2 Timothy 2:22 friends help you day to day? Do you have friends who help you make good choices, including your choice of additional friends? If not, how can you find some?

PRAY: God, help us choose friends who will pull us closer to you. We want friends who can help us choose to do the right thing.

ACT: Spend some time with your 2 Timothy 2:22 friends today. Or make a plan to find some!