The Greatest Job on Earth – Today’s Family Devotion

The Greatest Job on Earth

Bible Reading: Mark 16:15-18

Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere.   Mark 16:15

For the last twenty minutes of each school day, Jeff serves as a student assistant to Mr. Rittmaster, the music teacher. Most days he helps with paperwork, straightens up the room, and totes messages around the building.

Late one afternoon Mr. Rittmaster called Jeff to his desk. In front of him was a pile of rubber-banded cash. A big pile.

“Jeff, I need you to do something important for me,” he said as he slipped the bills into a manila envelope. “This is the $850 we took in at the music fest last night. I need you to take it to the office.”

Jeff had never seen a wad of cash like that. His eyes widened as he nodded and took the envelope. On the way to the office, Jeff couldn’t help but feel proud that Mr. Rittmaster had trusted him with the delivery. He grinned when he handed over the envelope and told the secretary what it was.

Talk about it: When has someone shown great trust in you—like asking for your help with an important task? How did it make you feel?

Chances are you liked being taken seriously. Most of us work our incredible best as a way of thanking a person who puts so much trust in us.

As Christians we’ve been given the most important job on earth. The God of the universe has an ultraimportant package. It’s the message that salvation comes from Jesus alone. God wants the package carried to people all around the world. And guess who he intends to deliver it? Yep, it’s you and me!

One of the last, clearest, and most important commands Jesus ever gave his disciples was to “go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere” (Mark 16:15; see also Matthew 28:18-20). This “great commission” isn’t just a big task. The responsibility of sharing the truth about Jesus with the world is a big gift. It’s a privilege that comes with the amazing promise that Jesus Christ will always be with us to help us complete the task.

Your all-powerful God could have found an endless number of ways to tell the world about his Son. He could have jotted it on the clouds for everyone to see. He could have covered the planet with angels shouting out the message of Christ. But instead he trusts the great message to us. Be glad to serve God. And be faithful to deliver the package!

TALK: How does it make you feel that God has trusted you with the important message of his love and truth?

PRAY: Lord, thank you for trusting us to share the good news of your Son with others today.

ACT: How would you like to have a part in taking God’s message to the whole world? Plan with your family how you can start.