Knowing the Holy One – Today’s Family Devotion

Knowing the Holy One


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Proverbs 9:10-12.

Verse of the Day: “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in understanding” (Proverbs 9:10).

Maria and her friend Holly stayed in the auditorium after the school assembly. They waited in line to talk to the speaker, a man who had delivered a message about resisting drugs and refusing to use violence to try to solve problems. His message was often funny, sometimes sad, and sprinkled with frequent impressions of famous people.

When they finally reached the front of the line, Maria shook the speaker’s hand and said excitedly, “I loved it when you talked like Elvis Presley!”

“Thank you. Thank you very much,” the speaker said with a crooked smile.

Maria and Holly giggled. “How do you make yourself sound so much like those famous people?” Maria asked.

“Well, I work at it. Like, with Elvis, I’ve watched certain parts of his movies and concerts over and over on videotape, until I know how he walked, how he talked, how he did everything. The more I know a person, the easier it is to act like him.”

Later that afternoon, as Maria and Holly walked home from school, Maria said, “Remember what the speaker said about studying the people he wanted to imitate? That’s kind of what we’ve been studying in Sunday school. As Christians, we want to do the right things, right?”

“Right,” said Holly.

“But sometimes we don’t know what the right thing is, right?” “Right,” Holly said.

“Right. But we know that if something is like God, then it’s right, right?” “Right,” Holly answered.

“Right. Because God is perfect and holy and righteous and all those other things. And,” she continued, “if a thing is not like God, then it’s wrong, right? So if we act like God, then we’ll be doing the right thing, right?”


“And I know how we do that. The speaker today said, ‘The more I know a person, the easier it is to act like him.’”

“Right,” said Holly, a little slower this time, as she thought about what her friend was saying.

“So one of the keys to doing the right thing is to know God. The more we know him, the easier it will be to do the right thing.” She paused. “Right?” Holly nodded her head and smiled at her friend. “Right!” she said.

TO DISCUSS: How can a person “know” God? Do you “know” God? How do you know?

TO PRAY: “Father God, we want to know you better so we can please you more.”