Window Seat – Today’s Family Devotion

Window Seat


Bible Reading of the Day: Read Psalm 67:1-5.

Verse of the Day: “Tell all the nations that the Lord is king. The world is firmly established and cannot be shaken. He will judge all peoples fairly” (Psalm 96:10).

Aaron and Faith walked in front of Mom onto the huge plane. They were returning home from a short vacation with their grandmother. Mom struggled down the aisle behind them, carrying her large purse in front of her and an even larger bag of books, magazines, and cross-stitch supplies for the long flight home.

Aaron and Faith hurried ahead and found their seats. By the time Mom arrived at their row, Faith sat in the window seat while Aaron remained in the aisle.

“Mom, tell her to move!” Aaron whined.

“I don’t have to move,” Faith said.

Other passengers began lining up behind Mom and Aaron, who were blocking the aisle. Mom placed her purse in the overhead storage compartment and shoved her cross-stitch bag under the seat in front of hers.

“Just sit down for now,” she told Aaron, who frowned as he plopped down.

After the passengers were all seated, Mom turned to her daughter. “Faith,” she said, “who sat in the window seat on the way to Grandma’s house?”

“I don’t know,” Faith said with a shrug.

“She’s lying!” Aaron protested. “She knows that she sat in the window seat.” “So?” Faith countered loudly. “I got here First.”

Mom placed a finger over her lips and talked in a low voice. “Faith,” she said, “which do you think is right, fairness or unfairness?”

Faith answered without looking at her mother. “Fairness,” she said. “And do you know why fairness is right and unfairness is wrong?” “No,” came the answer.

“Because God is fair,” Mom said. “Fairness is right because when we’re being fair, we’re showing others what God is like.” “But I was here first,” Faith said.

“I know,” Mom said. “And if you really think that sitting in the window seat on the way to Grandma’s and on the way back is a fair way to treat your brother—well, then, I guess it’s the right thing for you to do.”

Faith looked from her mother to her brother. Finally, she reached down and unfastened her seat belt. “OK,” she said. “You can sit next to the window, Aaron.” Mom smiled and reached for her cross-stitch pattern as her children traded seats.

TO DISCUSS: Have you ever acted like Faith? How would you act differently? Why is fairness right, and unfairness wrong? What does today’s Bible reading say about God’s fairness? Do you treat other people fairly? Give an example.

TO PRAY: “Lord, help us to treat others fairly, because you are completely fair and just.”