Red in the Face – Today’s Family Devotion

Red in the Face

Bible Reading:  Colossians 4:6

Let your conversation be gracious and effective. Colossians 4:6

Anna invited over a houseful of girls to her tenth birthday party. Most of the girls were from Anna’s class at school, but topping her list was her cousin Felicia. Because Felicia lived across town, Anna knew the situation might be weird for Felicia. But she expected Felicia would quickly get to know all her other friends.

Not so. While everyone else at the party laughed and talked all afternoon about everything from sports to school, Felicia sat like a lump. As everyone gabbed, she curled up in her chair, saying nothing. No one knew if she was bored or scared. She finally bolted out of the house to the swing-set in Anna’s backyard. She hoisted her­self up to the monkey bar, flung herself upside down—and hung by her knees until she was red in the face.

Talk about it: Have you ever been in a situation that felt so uncomfortable that you just wished you could hide?

New situations don’t have to feel awkward. But you won’t make friends grunt­ing your way through parties, school, and other get-togethers. Friendships grow only when we get beyond silence. There is, however, an easy trick we can use to make friends: Ask questions.

Here are some really good questions you can use to get to know people quickly. Look at the list below and pick out four or five you really like. Memorize them. Prac­tice saying them in your own words.

• How did you become a Christian?

• What’s your biggest goal?

• What do you do after school (or work)?

• What’s the coolest place you’ve ever visited?

• How can I help you?

• What do you want to be or accomplish someday?

• What class in school do you like the best? How come?

• What are your hobbies?

• How can I pray for you?

Can you see it? If you can ask good questions, you won’t even need to do much talking. You’ll just need to practice something that can be even harder than talking: listening!

TALK: God showed an interest in your world by coming to live on earth. How well do you show an interest in others by asking questions?

PRAY: Father, help us pay attention to others—not just to make friends, but to make a difference in their lives.

ACT: Go out of your way today to practice talking with someone you don’t know well.