Wishes Aren’t Enough – Today’s Family Devotion

Wishes Aren’t Enough

Bible Reading: James 5:16-18

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results. James 5:16

With half a dozen friends at his house for a backyard baseball bonanza, Nicholas was all set to serve the Supercheezer from Fazio’s Pizza. As his friends piled inside and grabbed chairs around the kitchen table, they all began looking for the food.

After a half hour of moans about hunger pains, one friend finally spoke up. “Hey, dude? Did you ever call to order the pizza?”

Nicholas looked worried. “Um,” he finally said, “could you guys go back outside and play another game or two?”

Here’s some huge news: Pizza doesn’t show up unless you make one very impor­tant phone call.

It works the same way with friends you wish would trust Christ. Wishes aren’t prayer. Until you pray, you haven’t done that one very important thing that brings people to Jesus.

Talk about this: Got any ideas on times and places to pray for your friends? Here are some tips for becoming active pray-ers:

1. Set aside a regular time as a family each week to pray for non-Christian friends and family members.

2. Pray alone each day for one or two non-Christian friends.

3. Get a small group of friends together at school or church to pray regularly for non-Christians.

4. Whenever you get together with Christian friends, ask God to grow your group by adding non-Christians who learn to trust Christ.

5. Join with other Christians at school or in your neighborhood for a “prayer walk.” Pray as you walk around the areas where kids hang out.

Prayer isn’t your only job. You can pray for your friends until you’re hoarse—but you’d better not, because you’re eventually going to need your voice to share the Good News about Jesus with them.

The most important prayer you can pray is that your non-Christian friends have a chance to hear and respond to the Good News. You can pray that prayer for people near and far. It’s that one very important thing you can do to bring people to Jesus!

TALK: Why has God given you the privilege of praying for friends?

PRAY: Talk to God about your attitude toward praying for non-Christians. Tell him if you are eager—or finding it tough to do.

ACT: How can you make praying for non-Christians a regular part of your life? Start at least in a small way today.