Time-Out – Today’s Family Devotion


Bible Reading: Mark 6:45-56

He went up into the hills by himself to pray.   Mark 6:46

Okay. It’s like this. Every day of your life your parents make you sit still while they flip open a Bible and devotional book—like this one!

You’ve probably heard how important it is to spend time with God. Your pastor says it. Your Sunday school teacher slides in not-so-small hints. You’ve maybe even heard this line: “If Jesus needed to spend time alone with his Father, how much more do you need to spend time with God?”

Guess what? That’s the truth! There’s a clear link between Jesus’ powerful mira­cles and the hours he spent alone in prayer.

Spending time with God along with family and friends is fantastic. But do you ever spend time with God by yourself?

“Quiet times” aren’t just for older kids. They’re not just for old people like par­ents and pastors. And a time-out with God isn’t the kind of time-out you get when you’re in trouble. It can be the highlight of your day.

Here’s a plan for spending quality time with God. It’s three-step simple:

1. Get alone with God. Think hard and discover a place where no one will bug you. Head to a bedroom, storage room, attic, garage, or basement. Then get comfortable. If you doze off when you pray lying down, walk around the room. If you’re uptight when you sit up, lie down and relax.

2. Talk to God. Tell God how you feel: your anger, frustration, happiness, thankfulness—anything, everything. You can even say, “Lord, I don’t feel like talking to you today, but I will because I know it’s good for me.” What you say isn’t as important as how honest you are.

3. Let God talk to you. Make a point to tell God that you want to hear what he has to say to you. Then read a few verses and think about them for a while. Or listen to some Christian music, read a Christian book or maga­zine, or just recall what God has done for you.

God probably won’t ask you to walk on water, calm the sea, or heal crowds like Jesus did. But God has plans for you, and you will be ready for those plans each day after some quiet time with God!

TALK: What one or two changes might make the times you spend alone with God more interesting?

PRAY: God, use the time we spend with you to get us ready for the cool things you have for us to do.

ACT: Take some time to get alone with God today!