Get the Word Out – Today’s Family Devotion

Get the Word Out

Bible Reading: Matthew 28:18-20

Go and make disciples of all the nations. Matthew 28:19, NIV

God has a huge rescue mission going on. Do you know what our part in that rescue mission is called? Evangelism. That’s the job of communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to people who don’t know him.

Do you know what a person who spreads that incredible news is called? An evangelist. Here’s one more astounding fact: You are an evangelist.

How did you get to be an evangelist? Check any qualifications that you think earned you the job of telling others about Jesus:

□ You’ve formed a family singing group and you’re good enough to belt out Christian songs in front of stadiums of people.

□ You mention Jesus at least a dozen times in every conversation.

□ You pray really loudly in restaurants.

□ You’ve signed up to do your own Christian talk show on TV.

□ You grab strangers on the street and start spiritual conversations.

□ You slick back your hair in an evangelist hairdo.

Do you really think you need to do any of those things to be ready to share Christ with others? Nope. Because it’s not a matter of deciding if you have what it takes to be an evangelist. The fact is, you already are an evangelist. God has ap­pointed you his ambassador, his official messenger to take the Good News of salva­tion to others (see 2 Corinthians 5:18-20).

Don’t freeze with fear at that thought. The Bible explains that at the heart of real evangelism is one activity: telling the facts of Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:1-4). And that’s an activity you can do.

The Good News centers on what God has done to free our non-Christian friends from sin and introduce them to his love. Telling the facts of Jesus means explaining to people how his death and resurrection have provided forgiveness for their sins and eternal life with God-and how they must trust Christ to receive what God has done for them. Evangelism is when you spill the facts and urge them to respond.

Because you’ve trusted Christ, you know the meaning of the Good News. Be­cause someone told you about Christ, you have the privilege of telling others about him. And because God has done a great thing in your life, you can be a part of his great work in someone else’s life.

TALK: What non-Christian friends or family members do you think God wants to reach through you?

PRAY: Pray for those people by name, asking God to show you how to share Christ with them.

ACT: Try to start a spiritual conversation with one of those people today.